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What is The Jewel School?

The Jewel School is the ultimate combination of art and relaxation! With The Jewel School, groups can create sparkling masterpieces using fun resin diamonds that shimmer and shine in the light! The programs within The Jewel School are great for Afterschool Programs, Libraries and group functions. Each program kit is full key coming with all the necessary supplies. It's easy to Implement, builds community and decreases stress.

The Benefits

Decreases Stress & Anxiety

  • Outlet for creativity and self expression
  • Completing a painting provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Rhythmic & repetitive nature of jeweling is calming
  • Healthy distraction from everyday stressors
  • Excellent alternative to spending time on technology

Improves Fine Motor Skills

  • Encourages good eye & hand coordination by allowing them a scope to develop both mentally and physically
  • Precise movements help to improve hand and finger dexterity

Enhances Decision Making Skills

  • Through color selection, pattern interpretation, planning & organization, patience and perseverance
  • Encourages goal setting
  • Creative control over design choices and color options

Improves Focus

  • Boosts memory through constant concentration
  • Requires precision & attention to detail
  • Jeweling is time-consuming, children will learn to take their time and to be patient

What People Are Saying

Megan K.
Des Moines Public Schools

"As an educator and a mom I was impressed to meet Aileen from The Jewel School. Her passion for creating enriching programming for her students shines through. My daughter absolutely loved creating her jeweled art pieces. She is addicted! I liked that it gave her something positive to do after school while nurturing her love for the arts and crafts. Thank you Jewel School!"

Rhonda Argueta
Special Education Teacher

"The Jewel School brought a sense of relaxation to our after school program. Students have the ability to work on various projects, fine motor skills, and creativity, all while attending the Jewel School. Students are able to turn their own artwork into a Jeweled Painting and that is the icing on the cake!"

Megan Wicker
21st CLCC Site Coordinator

"I love this program! ALL students benefit from this program. Students of all educational levels are thriving. It does not matter what the student's language or behavior is either, they all enjoy this program and are thriving! ❤️"

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