Library Diamond Painting

The Jewel School is the first diamond painting program intended for libraries and groups. With unique offerings like our Custom Diamond Painting Poster, Sunglasses, and Bookmarks!

Timelapse of a bookmark example from our Bookmarks & Bling Program

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3 Different Options Your Community will love!

Option 1: 

Custom Poster

Custom Diamond Painting Poster - The Jewel School
  • 12 x 18 Poster with Library Name
  • Four(4) Jewel School Pens & Grips
  • Four(4) Wax & E-Z Pour Trays
  • Four(4) Colored Jewels of your choosing in Prepackaged Case


Option 2: 

Bookmarks & Bling

Library Bookmarks - The Jewel School
  • 25 Diamond Painting Bookmarks
  • 25 Diamond Painting Pen and Grips
  • 25 EZ Pour Jewel School Tray’s & Wax
  • Sparkling Diamonds to Jewel Everything


Option 3: 

Sunglasses & Shine

Sunglasses & Shine - The Jewel School
  • 25 Diamond Painting Sunglasses
  • 25 Diamond Painting Pen and Grips
  • 25 EZ Pour Jewel School Tray’s & Wax
  • Sparkling Diamonds to Jewel Everything



Library Bookmarks - The Jewel School
Custom Diamond Painting Poster - The Jewel School
Sunglasses & Shine - The Jewel School


What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a fun, engaging, yet relaxing activity that's perfect for library craft's or activities. Patrons add a bit of dazzle to a bookmark, poster or picture. Diamond Painting helps decrease stress and improve fine motor skills. It's the perfect activity that is easy to run and everyone leaves with a souvenir that reminds them of the library!

What is Diamond Painting? - The Jewel School

Here's How It Works!

Each Person Recieves...

The Jewel School Supplies Pack

Attendees add beautiful jewels to their Bookmark, Sunglasses or Picture

The Jewel School - Diamond Painting

Creating Meaningful Connections and Conversations

TJS Meaningful Connections

Included with Every Classroom Set of The Jewel School is all the supplies pre set up so you can so you can start implementing as soon as you receive the kits. NO SET UP TIME. EZ to Use!

About Founder Aileen

"Hello! My name is Aileen Hunnell and I am the founder of The Jewel School. I have over 15 years of experience working in school settings with students. From being the office manager to supervising before and after school programs in many different schools, I have found not only what works, but also what students enjoy. I have been developing and refining the The Jewel School curriculum over the past several years and finally am excited to share it with thousands of students all over the country. The Jewel School has been real world tested and is designed by Students 4 Students!

With the help of The Magician School Founder, Mikayla Oz, we've created a unique platform for your students to be able to express their creativity by drawing their own artwork and jeweling it to a sparkling finish."


Aileen - Founder of The Jewel School

The Jewel School Highlights

Sunglasses & Shine - The Jewel School

A finished paid of our patent pending diamond painting sunglasses from our Sunglasses and Shine Program Kit!

A group of happy program leaders who've used The Jewel School programs in their local communities. 

The Jewel School - DIY
The Jewel School E-Z Pour Tray

Past participant in The Jewel School using their E-Z Pour Tray to pour the Jewels back into the container. 

What People Are Saying

Megan K.

"As an educator and a mom I was impressed to meet Aileen from The Jewel School. Her passion for creating enriching programming for her students shines through. My daughter absolutely loved creating her jeweled art pieces. She is addicted! I liked that it gave her something positive to do after school while nurturing her love for the arts and crafts. Thank you Jewel School!"

Rhonda Argueta

"The Jewel School brought a sense of relaxation to our after school program. Students have the ability to work on various projects, fine motor skills, and creativity, all while attending the Jewel School. Students are able to turn their own artwork into a Jeweled Painting and that is the icing on the cake!"

Megan Wicker

"I love this program! ALL students benefit from this program. Students of all educational levels are thriving. It does not matter what the student's language or behavior is either, they all enjoy this program and are thriving! ❤️"

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